Parking At L.A. LIVE

Restaurant Parking

When visiting L.A. LIVE for two hours or less, we recommend using the East Garage (Lot E, Enter on Olympic Blvd) or West Garage (Lot W, Gates E & F - Enter on Georgia St. and turn on West Road). Parking in East Garage and West Garage is free for the first 30 minutes. 

EAST GARAGE (LOT E) 888 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

WEST GARAGE (LOT W) 1005 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90015

  • Times Parking Rates:
    • $10 = First 2 hours
    • $10 = Each additional 1/2 hour (or fraction thereof, $40 maximum)
  • Flat Rate:
    • $15 = Cars entering after 9PM and exiting before 4:30AM (except Valet Level P2 in Lot W)
  • Validation
    • One (1) validation per vehicle allowed.


Event Parking

We recommend using the West Garage (Lot W, Gate B, Enter on Chick Hearn Ct.) for events lasting 3½ hours or more.

WEST GARAGE (LOT W, GATE B) 1005 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90015

West Garage (Lot W, Gate B, Enter on Chick Hearn Court) is optimal for events lasting 3½ hours or more. There is a flat rate of $10-$40 (depending on the event) payable upon entrance. Valet service is available for an additional fee. By parking here, you can stay as late as you wish.

Regal L.A. LIVE Parking

When attending a movie at Regal L.A. LIVE, we recommend parking in the West Garage (Lot W) Gates E and F only, located south of Olympic Boulevard at Georgia Street and West Road. Regal Cinemas will validate parking for ticketed guests for up to 4 hours for $8 (must show proof of Regal L.A. LIVE movie ticket for the current day to receive validation and only one validation per vehicle). Bring your parking ticket to guest services to get it validated and then pay at the pay station. Please note that Regal L.A. Live validations are not accepted in the East Garage (Lot E). 

WEST GARAGE (LOT W, GATES E & F ONLY) 1005 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90015

  • Lot W Parking Rates (with Regal L.A. LIVE validation)
    $8 for the first 4 hours (or fraction thereof)

    $18 for the first 4 1/2 hours (or fraction thereof)
    $10 each additional 1/2 hour (or fraction thereof)
    $40 daily maximum
  • Flat Rate
    $15 = Cars entering after 9PM and exiting before 4:30AM

Parking Map

L.A. LIVE Parking Map

Park Free for Lunch

Weekdays from 11AM to 2PM only, you can park for free when you dine at a participating L.A. LIVE restaurant.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Guests with electric charging vehicles will now have more options and opportunity to charge their vehicles while attending events at L.A. LIVE. Atom Power, the pioneer in solid-state breaker electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has partnered with L.A. LIVE to install 48 Atom EV charging ports at L.A. LIVE, which has more than tripled the number of EV chargers previously available on-site, significantly expanding access for guests.

Charging stations are located in both the West Garage and the East Garage. Please note that there is a fee for charging; the charging rate is $2 per hour for the 1st 4 hours, $3 per hour thereafter. Please see the kiosk prior to use.