Frequently Asked Questions

Where is L.A. LIVE Located?

L.A. LIVE is located in downtown Los Angeles, across from Arena, at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Figueroa Street. Our physical address is: 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015. Our mailing address is: 800 W. Olympic Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Is L.A. LIVE near Arena?

Yes, L.A. LIVE is the sports and entertainment district that surrounds Arena and Peacock Theater.

Is the LA Convention Center far from L.A. LIVE?

No, the LA Convention Center neighbors L.A. LIVE and is about a 2-minute walk. 

Where should I park?

L.A. LIVE has several parking options depending on the type of you visit. Find out which is best for you by visting our Parking page.

Is there valet service?

Valet service is available in the EAST GARAGE (Lot E) on Level P2 from 4PM - 11PM daily. There is a $10 service charge, in addition to regular timed rates.

Can I purchase parking ahead of time?

No, you cannot purchase parking ahead of time. 

Does L.A. LIVE have electric vehicle charging stations?

Yes, there are a total of 15 Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations in the two parking facilities on the L.A. LIVE campus.

Can you get to L.A. LIVE using public transportation?

Yes, getting to L.A. LIVE through public transportation is easy and there are many alternative forms of transportation with frequent stops near L.A. LIVE, including frequent Metro Rail trains and Metro buses. Use the Metro Trip Planner or contact Metro at (323) GO METRO to find your most convenient form of transportation.

Are animals allowed at L.A. LIVE?

Yes, animals are allowed at L.A. LIVE, but they are prohibited in the restaurants. We also have a dog park located on L.A. Live Way, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Are there restrooms at L.A. LIVE?

Yes, restrooms are located in in the West Garage on the first floor by the escalators. Please note that the restrooms close throughout the day for cleaning. 

Is there a designated public forum space?

The following areas are public fora in accordance with LA Sports and Entertainment District Specific Plan (City Ordinance No. 174,224 as amended by Ordinances No. 178,134, No. 179,413, and 181,334 (“Ordinance”)) and members of the public may exercise their rights of free speech and free expression, subject to time, place, and manner restrictions: (i) Peacock Place; (ii) Chick Hearn Court (when closed to traffic); (iii) the Chick Hearn Sidewalks (i.e., the public sidewalks and private setback areas located on each of the north and south sides of Chick Hearn Ct., sidewalks on the west side of Figueroa St. with a total width of up to twenty three feet (23”)(consisting of a fifteen foot (15’) wide sidewalk and eight foot (8’) wide private setback area), provided that the Chick Hearn Sidewalks are narrower than twenty three feet (23’) wide from the curb in certain locations due to the placement of building structures (including the Arena and Peacock Theater) as well as stairs and other structures (e.g., statues)) and (iv) Figueroa West Sidewalk (i.e., the public sidewalk and private setback area located on the west side of S. Figueroa St., between 12st Street and Chick Hearn Ct. (consisting of 15’ sidewalk and 5.78’ private setback, which widens to a total width of 23’ in places)).

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