The Beginner’s Guide to Country Line Dancing

by laliveinsider on Sat., Aug 04 at 10:06 AM


Going to Round Up on August 23rd on Microsoft Square? Well, get ready for some line dancing with these basic steps - and you will be dancing and impressing!

Heel Dig

Line Dancing Diagrams_HeelDig.jpg

Don't worry this one is easy! It entails digging one heel into the ground, performed with an accent by bending the supporting leg. A further accent is to hop out of the step instead of just stepping back onto your other foot.

Double Heel Dig

Line Dancing Diagrams_DoubleHeel.jpg

Sometimes a double heel dig is called for, where you quickly dig your right heel into the ground twice, usually to the front and slightly to the side.


Line Dancing Diagrams_Grapevine.jpg

Traveling to the right side, this step is performed:

  1. Right foot steps to the right
  2. Left foot crosses behind the right
  3. Right foot steps to the right
  4. Left foot closes to the left side of the right foot


Line Dancing Diagrams_Weave.jpg

Combining the grapevine with a cross in front as well as a cross behind, this move will move the dancer in a zigzag.

Jazz Square

Line Dancing Diagrams_JazzSquare.jpg

 It can be performed to the right or the left; it's often performed twice in a row in the same direction:

  1. Step your right foot across your left 
  2. Step your left foot back and to the side
  3. Step to the right side with your right foot
  4. Close your left foot to the left side of your right foot

Step-Tap (Charleston)

Line Dancing Diagrams-StepTap.jpg

  1. Step forward onto your right foot
  2. Step your left foot forward, in front of your right foot, but don't put your weight on it
  3. Step backwards onto your left foot
  4. Tap your right foot behind your left one, then repeat

Pivot Turn

Line Dancing Diagrams_KickBallChange.jpg

A simple turn, a pivot is a half turn:

  1. Step forward onto your right foot, but keep the weight centered on the ball of your foot.
  2. With your weight evenly distributed between both feet, turn your body a half turn to the left, ending up with your left foot in front


See you on the dance floor at Round Up

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