'Taken 3' 4DX Experience

by laliveinsider on Thu., Jan 08 at 09:14 AM

Liam Neeson returns to his third and final installment of the Taken trilogy!

Here we present some of the 4DX highlights for this action-packed thriller.


Extraordinary Ride Experience in City View Scenes

The intro of the movie demonstrates a stylish view of the city: 4DX has successfully depicted this city view sequence by delicately designing rhythmic motions and vibrations that give the audience a realistic ride experience. Diverse combinations of 4DX effects are synchronized to the speed and direction of the camera movement, shot compositions, and even background music, in order to generate a realistic feeling of flying over the city, and thus, bring the audience to an extremely thrilling experience.  


Enjoy the Realistic Actions and Dynamic Car Chasing

4DX depicted the fist fight scenes with strong and rhythmic motion effects perfectly synchronized with each scene. Carefully designed motion and vibration effects will bring the audience to a dynamic ride experience in the car chasing sequence: motion chairs generate immersive movements with a variety of motion factors, while the subtle vibrations of the seats turn the rough engine sounds into something you can feel in tactile sensation.  


Taken-3-Liam-Neeson-1 2.png

Gun Fight Scenes, Thrills Maximized by Swirling Air Shots

Flying bullets of a running fire are described with fast and sharp air shots providing a feeling of realistic bullets grazing through the audience’s cheeks. Moreover, the setting of time differences between long face airs and side air shots allows the audience to have a feeling of being surrounded by the swirling air flows and eventually to get fully immersed to the scene in play. A similar immersive experience can be felt with the several bomb explosion scenes equipped with the powerful bursts of air shot synchronized with each blast.


Now, are you ready to experience the extreme action of our returned hero in 4DX? 



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