Striking Fashion Fits from LA's Biggest Ballers

by laliveinsider on Tue., Apr 13 at 01:06 PM

In the NBA, every week is fashion week! One of the most exciting moments of game day is not the game itself, but the short moments when we can see players showcase their fashion taste as they walk through the STAPLES Center tunnel. Let’s take a look at some of LA’s ‘Drip Kings’ because as they say, hallways are the new runways!


When it comes to Kyle Kuzma, it’s hard to pick just one that stands out. On game day, always expect him to show up for the cameras. Summertime Kuz is ready.


A post shared by Kyle Kuzma (@kuz)

A maestro on the court and a maestro off the court, Paul George is always about conducting his business.


A post shared by Paul George (@ygtrece)

Whether at home or on the road, Dennis Schroder always travels in style. In a year where we dress for comfort, cozy fits are always the right choice.


A post shared by Dennis Schröder (@ds17_fg)

Known around the league for his passion for fashion, Serge Ibaka knows how to keep it classy. His signature saying “Avec Classe” which means “With Class,” reflects just that in his game-day wardrobe.


A post shared by Serge Ibaka (@sergeibaka)

Arguably the NBA’s best duo on the court, we always expect nothing but heat from the feet up!


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames)

Another great LA duo comes in the form of family. While Marcus and Markieff Morris are twins, they know how to show off their individual styles come game day.


A post shared by Marcus Morris (@foestar13)

You always have to have backup shoes for your backup shoes. Montrezl Harrell knows a thing or two (or three!) about a sneaker sampler!


A post shared by Montrezl Harrell (@trezz24)

Last but certainly not least, Kuz pays homage to a Laker Legend with the iconic early 2000s-inspired championship jacket. A salute from one Laker champion to another.


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BRB, going shopping! 

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