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L.A. LIVE is the central destination for sports fans, music lovers, foodies, cinephiles, and even athletes in Los Angeles, so it only makes sense that our staff reflects that too. In our L.A. LIVE Staff Picks series, we'll be sharing our favorites from cocktails to happy hour spots, and more! In this week's edition, we asked our team to share their favorite songs - check them out on Spotify!

Talk - Khalid, Disclosure



I love when artists collab between genres to create a hit, like "Talk." Khalid's R&B influences mixed with Disclosure's signature electronic production make the perfect chill vibes song for summer. I can already picture the windowns down, singing along with my friends on a sunny, summer drive! - Devin

MIA - Bad Bunny, Drake



I picked Drake & Bad Bunny's song because I love that Drake is singing in Spanish, and it represents two cultures. And I think the song is fun and easy going! You can't help but dance when you hear it! - Melissa

Ladies in the 90's - Lauren Alaina



I chose "Ladies in the 90's" because not only was I born in the 90's but it features mentions of lyrics from Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Spice Girls. All these artists are nostalgic of my childhood and artists I idolized when I was younger. Besides that, it's just a fun, upbeat song to listen to in the car! - Morgan

Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses



It seems the older I get, the more nostalgic I get and this song shoots me back to my teenage days rocking out with friends in my Monte Carlo with the T-Tops off at the beach. This was also one of the first tunes I learned to play on the guitar and the iconic intro riff always puts me in a good mood! - Erik

NASA - Ariana Grande



"NASA" is one of Ariana Grande's more upbeat tracks from Thank u, Next. This song is really one of my fav lady jams, especially since she's talking about how sometimes we just need some space to decompress (aka the reference to NASA). Her comedic lyricism in this track just puts is in a fun mood where we can just press play and sing along. - Taylor

Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max



"Sweet but Psycho" is a song I've been feelin' since it came out. It is a great song to let your hair down and I can't help but dance when it comes on. Who doesn't love that? Something about it is catchy. I love the sass of the song and it makes me want to grab drinks, go for a run or just have fun. It puts me in a good mood any time I hear it. - Natalie

SICKO MODE - Travis Scott, Drake



These are the songs that my 3-year old daughter requests Alexa to play (the edited version of course!) so I wanted to add them to the playlist. - Richard

Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band



The first time I heard "Chicken Fried" was at Round Up at L.A. LIVE a few years ago. The song is one of those you can't get out of your head. Since then, my favorite genre of music is country. Great song and Zac Brown is a great artist. - Shelby

WOW - Post Malone



I chose Post Malone's "Wow" because I've been on my GLO UP! I paid off my student loans, bought myself a new car and have been making extra money on the side so I can eat at lavish places. Flexing on my IG story, I got everyone, including my haters, saying "WOW!" - Sean

Enjoy Your Life - Marina



It's a feel-good song, if you're feeling a little down it's a reminder to "forget about your problems and enjoy your life." Marina's voice is also beautiful. - Jennipher

Let's Stay Together - Al Green



It's a great song to listen to on a sunny day, while driving home from work on a Friday. - Michael




I picked this song because it reminds me of my sophomore year of high school. Nothing really significant happened my sophomore year, but for some reason Kid Cudi and "Man on the Moon" reminds me of carpooling home after school...plus he's a really good artist and "Enter Galactic" is a really good, funky song that I think a lot of people will have forgotten about. You're welcome for the reminder! - Phil 

This is only a peek at our Staff Picks Playlist! Check out the full list on Spotify and don't forget to follow us!

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