Southern Slang 101

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The ultimate country party is coming to L.A. LIVE, on August 25, 2017! Get ready for Round Up Presented by Avión by spicing up your lingo with some southern slang! 

Y’all & All Y'all

The first thing you need to learn when it comes to Southern slang is "y'all". 

Y'all Meaning: Contraction of ‘you all’ - When speaking to two or more people.
Example: "Are y'all going to Round Up?"

All Y'all Meaning: When speaking to two or more groups of people or can also refer to a large group of people. 
Example: "Are all y'all going to Round Up?"

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If you are learning Southern slang it is important to know how to express a greeting. 

Howdy Meaning: A common way to greet both friends and strangers.  
Example: "Howdy y'all! Are you excited for Round Up?" 

Bless Your Heart

WARNING! "Bless your heart" isn't always as sweet as it sounds and has multiple meanings. 

Bless Your Heart Meaning: A sincere expression of sympathy or genuine concern. It can also be used before an insult to soften the blow. Sometimes it is used to mean you are incapable, but you can't help it. 
Example: 'Bless your heart, you really don't know how this works." 

Fixin' To

The most often used slang by every southerner is "fixin'".

Fixin' To Meaning: About to or getting ready to do something, but you also may take your sweet time. 
Example: "We're fixin' to leave soon to Round Up." 

All Get-Out

Southerners use "all get-out" when something is the highest or the most! 

All Get-Out Meaning: Describes an idea as being the highest degree.  
Example: "Round Up is cool as all get-out!"

Hissy Fit 

We all have bad days and sometimes those lead to a hissy fit! 

Hissy Fit Meaning: A dramatic loss of one’s temper. 
Example: "Dolly threw a hissy fit when she had to leave Round Up" 

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