'Paddington' 4DX Experience

by laliveinsider on Thu., Jan 22 at 10:42 AM

The classic British story starring the loveable bear Paddington comes to 4DX Friday, January 23rd. Join him on his magical adventure in 4DX as he searches for a home.


1. The Bear family in the Woods

This playfully designed sequence features a great us of scent effects. Sweet food scents are widely used throughout the process of making marmalade. The sweet and fruity scents vividly deliver the fragrance of fresh oranges crushed under the mill and gently stirred in the pot along with the pleasant atmosphere of the woods where this lovely bear family resides.

When an earthquake hits the family during the night, the seats rattle in order to depict the land shaking and the rich subwoofer vibrations allow the audience to feel as if they are experiencing a large scale earthquake inside the auditorium. Careful control of the fan effects help bring the tension of the emergency.


Paddington-Bear-Movie-New-Images v2.jpg

2. Bathtub Ride

Experience major water and rain moments in this sequence where Paddington accidently turns the entire bathroom to a water tank and ends up rowing the bathtub. When the massive amount of water pours into the camera as Dad opens the bathroom door, strong splashes of water shots and rain effects shower down onto the audience. The seats spin and rattle as Paddington’s tub shoots down the rapids in the staircase. Overall, motion design takes cues from the film’s unique style of action moves which are thoroughly choreographed providing perfect cues in terms of when and how the effects are supposed to be applied.


3. Skateboard Ride  

The key to motion and EFX design for this action-packed sequence lies in the successful execution of rhythmic motion design and motion continuity. Paddington seamlessly switches from one vehicle to another kind, from skateboard to a double decker, and to an umbrella, up to the point he catches the thief. Roll and sway motions for the skateboard, constant and stable motions for the bus, and continuous motion effects in a much wider degree that provide a sense of free floating in the air are effectively deployed. Velocity variations in fan design help build the sense of speed and tension throughout the sequence. There is also a good air shot moment when Paddington rapidly jumps off the ground, almost hitting the truck, and soars into the air with the aid of umbrella. 



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