L.A. LIVE Staff Picks: Favorite Sports Movie

by laliveinsider on Thu., Apr 30 at 03:56 PM

Just because we can’t physically go out right now and attend our favorite sporting events at STAPLES Center, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some sports! Get your sports-fix by watching our favorite sports movies! Let’s dive in.

Yes, this is mostly my pick because of Michael B. Jordan, but this movie also has a great storyline! Centered around boxing, I was drawn to the perseverance that Adonis showed. This sports drama will not leave you disappointed. - Melissa C.


I love the movie Rudy because it’s about the underdog coming through! I love an underdog story, and one that is based on real life is even more powerful. I think this movie is great as it involves football, but it really displays the power of setting one's mind to something and realizing their dreams. Best message ever: Set goals and work like hell to achieve them!! - Natalie M.

The Sandlot

An all-time classic summertime movie. It reminds me of my childhood when I would play baseball all day, every day during summer at summer camp. I learned a lot of fundamentals and made lifetime friends, just like the movie. - Sean O.


My favorite sport is hockey (Go Kings Go!) and this movie has a great storyline based on the U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. I love this movie especially since it’s about a team that tries to overcome many odds and it becomes something much bigger! - Cat B.

Center Stage

Dance is a sport, and I stand by that opinion! I grew up ballet dancing, and I dreamed of starring in this movie as a teen. Obviously, that did not work out so I re-watch this all the time. Definitely recommend! - Devin P.


To me, the original is the ultimate underdog story! I’ve probably watched it 50 times since I was a kid and it always inspires me to try to “go the distance” in whatever I do! – Erik O.


This movie hooked me emotionally! I’m always a sucker for a good tragic hero story. If you’re looking for a great sports drama that tugs at your heart, I recommend watching Southpaw. Or if you also love boxing! Though, this man’s fight goes beyond the ring. - Tay P.

Time to grab the popcorn, sit back, relax and binge these great sports movies hand-selected by the L.A. LIVE Staff!

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