How to Tell If You're a Die-Hard 'Star Wars' Fan

by laliveinsider on Wed., Nov 25 at 11:21 AM

Star Wars Force Awakens 200x100 .jpg

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The Force and excitement is building with the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" coming soon! Many are jumping on the bandwagon, but how can you tell the true die-hard fans? Our test separates the Jedi Knights from the Padawan Learners! You're a total Star Wars geek if...

Your Teddy Bear Was a Wookiee
Wookiee Bear .jpg

You Have a Storm Trooper-Scented Air Freshener in Your CarStorm Trooper Air Freshner .jpg

You Have Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes Greatest Hits on CDCantina Band .jpg

You've Had Lightsaber Fights with Friends

This Is Not the Droid You're Looking for
Android .jpg

Talk Like Yoda Sometimes You Do
Yoda 500.gif

You Still Have the Boxes for Each One
Star Wars Action Figures .jpg

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