How to Build an Effective 3ON3 Basketball Team

by laliveinsider on Mon., Aug 01 at 11:08 AM

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With the Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament just around the corner, here are a few ways you can guarantee a successful team!

Have a Strategic Coach

Whether this is a friend who is knowledgeable about basketball, or a basketball coach from your league, it is an essential foundation for building a successful team!


Team Chemistry

Your 3ON3 team must have chemistry! Through all the ups and downs of winning and losing, maintaining chemistry and being able to work together will guarantee an effective team.


The Go to Point Guard

This is the Kobe of this team. The person who always gets the ball in the 4th quarter or when your offense is struggling and you need that spark!


The Tall Player

In order to make those slam dunks, it’s always important to have that one person who is taller than the rest!


New Team Gear 


Looking fresh on the court can give your team confidence and will bring a whole new level to your game! 

Team Spirit

Every team needs that one player who brings enthusiasm and excitement to court. Make sure someone on your team has a competitive effort but also brings the energy and fun to the game!



Show off how effective your team is at Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament happening August 4-5 at L.A. LIVE. Register your team today!

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