Five 3-ON-3 Plays You Need to Know

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  1. A and B will cut through each other path letting their defenders bump against each other
  2. First A passes to C and cuts to the basket
  3. At the same time B makes a move and also cuts to the basket, to make their paths cross timing between player A and B
  4. B gives an overhead pass to A for the easy lay-up



  1. A passes to B and sets a screen away from the ball for C
  2. A sets a screen for C
  3. C prepares for the screen moving inside setting the defender up for the screen
  4. C uses the screen of A and goes to the middle of the bucket
  5. B passes the ball, but fake jump shot or a move to the basket for a right handed lay-up
  6. After the screen A should roll off to the ball first at the same time blocking the defender
  7. C gets the ball and takes the shot

Splitting the Post


  1. A passes to C
  2. A and B will start a cutting move at the same time
  3. C makes a pivot move to set a screen for B and C
  4. A and B split the post by cutting towards C
  5. If A or B can grab the ball out of the hands of C they should do so
  6. While C pivots to face the basket, A and B cut to the basket
  7. C has two options. 1) pass the ball to A and B 2) take a shot



  1. A passes the ball to B and sets a screen on the defender of A
  2. B uses the screen of A and dribbles to the top of the bucket to get a good passing angle for the pass to C
  3. C makes a v-cut to get open
  4. After the pass B sets a screen on C
  5. B passes back to A who has rolled to the basket or to the outside
  6. C uses the screen of B and drives to the basket and makes a lay-up
  7. B rolls to the basket and A goes for the rebound
  8. In this case after only B passes the player goes for the basket



  1. A passes the ball to B
  2. C comes high for the backscreen
  3. At the same time A sets up the screen by faking the give & go
  4. A uses the screen of C to get free under the basket for the pass from B and the lay-up
  5. If the defender of A goes to the middle of the bucket, making the pass difficult, A should go to the corner of the court for a skip pass of B and a shot from the side line.
  6. C rolls, after the screen, first towards B (the ball) and then the basket.

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