Learn to Talk Like a 'Baller' for Nike3ON3

by laliveinsider on Wed., Jul 16 at 11:57 AM

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With the Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament at L.A. LIVE quickly approaching, we wanted to make sure that you're well versed in your basketball slang. Real "ballers" will "come in clutch" with the following pharses. If that last sentence was foreign to you, make sure to read up so that you can keep up on the court or as a spectator!


Air Ball:3O3 Airball.jpg

When a shot is attempted and not blocked by a defender, but fails to hit rim or backboard. 

USAGE: “LeBron James shot a buzzer beater, but it was a total airball.” 


3O3 All Day.jpgAll Day: 

If a player is consistently making shots.  He can make it “all day”

USAGE: “Stephen Curry can make 3 pointers all day” 



Alley Oop: 3O3 Field Goal.jpg

A player throws the ball to a teammate who is standing near the basket.  The player by the basket jumps, catches the ball midair, and immediately scores the basket.  (Usually alley oops are dunks). 

USAGE: “CP3 tosses the ball to DeAndre Jordan for the alley oop” 


And One: 

3O3 And One.jpg

When a player gets fouled while in the act of shooting but still scores the basket.  The player then gets the opportunity for a free throw attempt, making it a three point play. 

USAGE: “He made the shot and was fouled!  Let’s see if he can get the and one” 



3O3 Baller.jpg

A basketball player

USAGE: “Kobe Bryant is a baller” 




Black Hole: 3O3 Black Hole.jpg

A player who gets the ball and never passes to other players

USAGE: “Carmelo Anthony is a black hole” 




Boards: 3O3 Boards.JPG

Getting a rebound or rebounding

USAGE: “Dwight Howard always gets the boards”




3O3 Bounce.jpg

Any player who can jump high

USAGE: “Blake Griffin has bounce” 





Bucket:3O3 Buckets.jpg

Either the rim of the basket or a shot made.  

USAGE: “KD gets buckets” 




3O3 Clutch.jpg

A commonly used phrase in basketball, also used in other sports.  To be a clutch player is playing great when it matters the most and being able to make the big shots and plays, usually resulting in a win.

USAGE: “That basket was so clutch” 


Crossover:3O3 Crossover.jpg

A dribbling move that is performed by an offensive player when he or she moves the ball from one side of the body to the other with a single dribble.  It is a fakeout on the offensive player’s part. 

USAGE: “Allen Iverson has a killer crossover” 


D Up:3O3 D Up.jpg

To play defense (aka “checking your man”)

USAGE: “He’s not covered, D Up!” 



Field Goal: 

3O3 Field Goal.jpg

A field goal in basketball is worth two points and is a shot made from inside the three point line.  A field goal is a jump shot, layup, or dunk. 

USAGE: “DeAndre Jordan has the best field goal percentage in the league” 



Flop:3O3 Flop.jpg

An intentional fall by a player when there is little to no physical contact by an opposing player in order for the officials to call a personal foul on the opponent. 

USAGE: “Dwayne Wade is always flopping” 


Making Him Dance:3O3 Making Him Dance.jpg

If you crossover an opponent and he ends up spinning around, you’ve made him dance. 

USAGE: “In his heyday, Allen Iverson was known for his crossover that made his opponents dance” 


Nothing But Net:3O3 Nothing But Net.jpg

When the basketball goes into the net without hitting the backboard or the rim (aka a swish).  

USAGE: “That shot was beautiful, nothing but net” 



Paint:3O3 Paint.jpg

The area in front of the basket (aka the key or lane). 

USAGE: “He shoots it from in the paint” 


Post Up: 

3O3 Post Up.jpg

A player who positions himself near the basket for a pass with his back to the basket and a defender behind him. 

USAGE: “Because of his size, Shaq posts up at the basket”   



Sixth Man:3O3 Sixth Man.jpg

The first sub off the bench, replaces a starter.  Usually not a starter, but often finishes the game.  Also refers to fans. 

USAGE: “Jack Nicholson is at every Lakers game, you could even call him the sixth man”  


Use the Glass:3O3 Use the Glass.jpg

Making a shot off the backboard 

USAGE: If you can’t make the shots, use the glass!” 



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