AEG & Estate Of Michael Jackson Agree To $1.3 Million Donation To City To Cover Costs Incurred In Conjunction With Tribute Service

by laliveinsider on Fri., Jun 18 at 09:00 AM

LOS ANGELES (June 18, 2010) - AEG and the Estate of Michael Jackson have agreed to donate $1 million to the City of Los Angeles' general fund and an additional $300,000 in cash and needed crime fighting equipment thru financial contributions to the Los Angeles Police Foundation it was announced by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and AEG President & CEO Timothy J. Leiweke who jointly reached the accord.

The City's Chief Administrative Officer has determined that $1.3 million of costs representing police services, permits, Sanitation Department and Transportation Department expenses, which were incurred by the City of Los Angeles on July 7, 2009 in conjunction with a memorial tribute to Michael Jackson which was held at STAPLES Center.

\"I applaud this team effort and thank everyone involved for doing what was best for the people and the City of Los Angeles,\" Mayor Villaraigosa said. \"Through the continued good corporate citizenship of AEG and the Michael Jackson Estate, we will be able to promote and support important civic events that hold so much meaning for the people of Los Angeles and bring us together as a city.\"

AEG's additional $300,000 donation to the Police Foundation will be realized thru a $90,000 payment previously contributed (raised thru the sale of suites at the Jackson Tribute) and a pledge to provide an additional $210,000 of equipment to be requested by the LAPD including an initial call for the purchase of scanners to be used by police officers patrolling skid row.

\"It was important to us that all parties agreed that this was not an obligation but a choice we believed was important to make at a time when thousands of City employees are being reduced,\" said Leiweke. \"We appreciate and thank Mayor Villaraigosa, Jan Perry, Dennis Zine and the rest of the Council for their support which will now allow us to finally put this issue behind us.\"

\"We also extend a great thanks to John Branca, John McClain, Howard Weitzman and the Estate of Michael Jackson for their willingness to contribute. They did not have to do this but like us, they live here and are committed to stepping up to help our City at this time of need, Leiweke added.\"

\"Finally, in addition to the City's leaders, special thanks goes to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. Throughout this process, we have had the opportunity to develop a very positive relationship with him and his office which I am sure we will continue to call upon as we work together on additional issues facing our City in the coming years,\" Leiweke said in conclusion.

\"In these challenging economic times, I appreciate AEG and the Jackson Estate for making this contribution to our city,\" said Council Member Jan Perry who represents the downtown Los Angeles district where a majority of the expenses were incurred. \"Through this donation, they have proved once again that they are conscientious corporate citizens who are committed to Los Angeles.\"

\"I'm pleased that the City and AEG were able to reach an agreement in this matter,\" said City Controller Wendy Greuel. \"During these difficult economic times the City can certainly use the donation to the General Fund, and it's another example of AEG being a good corporate citizen.\"

\"I am elated to learn that AEG has pledged to make a donation to the City of Los Angeles to help offset the cost of municipal services expended during the Michael Jackson Memorial,\" said Councilman Dennis P. Zine. \"My concerns regarding the events honoring Mr. Jackson's memory have always been focused on the cost to the taxpayers of the City during these trying economic times and I applaud AEG for stepping up to the plate with this contribution. This donation reaffirms that AEG is a committed partner in creating a vibrant and strong Los Angeles.\"

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