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Join us at Regal L.A. LIVE to get your special Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker bracelet!! Purchase your 4DX ticket for the December 19th @9:40pm and December 26th @ 7:20pm showtimes, and get one bracelet per ticketed guest. Styles and quantities may vary.

White & Blue version will be given out on December, 19th 2019.

Black and Red version will be given out on December 26th, 2019.

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4DX at Regal L.A. LIVE

Regal L.A. LIVE is now home to the first 4DX theater in the United States! Experience the biggest blockbusters like never before with 4DX technology! The 4DX auditorium features motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, mist/rain, scents and more that perfectly synch to the on-screen action.

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 *Not all 4DX titles will be in 3D

4DX Effects


Heave 300x170 .jpg

Vertical movement of the seats.


Roll 300x170 .jpg

Sideways tilting of the seats.


Pitch 300x170 .jpg

Forward and backward rocking of the seats.

Environmental Effects

In addition to the movements, the theater is equipped with environmental effects to further enhance the experience. From a malicious storm to a gentle breeze, from the smoky explosions to the warm smell of coffee, the 4DX technology enhances these experiences with appropriate effects. » More Info


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L.A. LIVE is the perfect place for your group meetings, party or convention. Choose from many elegant spaces.

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